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Name:Ray Ray
Location: Maryland/D.C.
Favorite Place To Do It:In my bed and in front of my computer
Do you use Lube:Nah, i like powder
When You First Did It, What/Who was it to: oo that was a loong time ago, uhh i think it was to a buncha random pics i found on the net
Favorite 'Clean-Up' item: Infamous Cumrag and Napkins
Longest You've Gone Without Doing It: oo shit uhhh 2 days i think
Strangest thing you've ever whacked off to: hahaha a pic of an ass

My sister walked in on me Jacking off once. It was sorta like a matrix thing, where llike time froze and like the camera went from my pt of view to hers and in the process the was a voice in the bg going NOOOOOO!!! it was soo fuckin embarassing.
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