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Jerking It, Yeah It's Cool.
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This was an idea alot of people had one night, we finally did it, I thought it was hilarious to talk about. The application wasn't really gender considered, I went for the girls part mainly cause when I hear jerking off, girls come to mind, Amy for the guys, sure, Jerking off is related to guys, but gals, it's also towards you, call me a perv, I call it being politically correct. So apply if your cool, I have a feeling it'll be Amy and Myself until people stop being closed minded.

We just basically discuss stories, like, "parents walking in" or "clean up", all hilarious stories. So judge if you want to judge, we're living the hell out of this.

Favorite Place To Do It:
Do you use Lube:
When You First Did It, What/Who was it to:
Favorite 'Clean-Up' item:
Longest You've Gone Without Doing It:
Strangest thing you've ever whacked off to: